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A Personalized

Medical Concept

Punta Cana Doctors consists of a group of health professionals who offer their services in the area, with the objective of satisfying the medical needs of the community. The group has 35 specialties, which include: Pediatrics, Family Practice, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology and Pneumology, among others. In addition, Punta Cana Doctors offers medical exams and procedures such as EKGs, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (A.B.P.M.), hydration therapy and minor surgery. One of the many features that stands out regarding Punta Cana Doctors is the personalized healthcare each patient receives, whether insured or privately funded. There is also 24 hour Emergency Service.

Our Business Philosophy


To be the center of preference in Punta Cana, offering quality, modernity, personalized medical treatment, attached and being part of the community, supporting its growth, in a healthy environment.


Constantly transform ourselves according to the needs of our current and future users, include necessary services of the highest quality for our community, until finally we become the immediate option for any health issue.


  • Personalized medical concept
  • Familiarity with each of our users
  • Honesty
  • Professional competence
  • Availability
  • Innovation
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